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Promotional Water Bottles & Sports Bottles

Promotional sports bottles and custom water bottles make refreshing tradeshow giveaways or promotional products. They are an excellent way to gain maximum exposure for your brand as they are used regularly and can go anywhere. Choose from aluminum water bottles, BPA-free water bottles and more. Have your company name and logo imprinted on one of our wide range of sports bottles for a stylish and useful promotional giveaway.

Most people are interested in increasing their health or maintaining a healthy lifestyle, at least to some extent. The easiest thing any of us can do to promote better health instantly is to hydrate your body with plenty of water and fluids. Take the time to prevent dehydration; it takes only seconds to sip hydrating liquids from a plastic sports bottle or water bottle, keeping your body quenched. A drink now and then from your custom promotional water bottle can splash away headaches, fatigue, irritability, and thirst.

An athlete obviously needs fluid replacement. Sports and fitness enthusiasts carry a plastic sports bottle or water bottle of some kind around constantly. Bicyclists keep a plastic water bottle strapped to their bikes for a well-deserved water break. A water bottle helps people keep active, but a promotional water bottle can be an integral part of healthy active lifestyle.

A promotional water bottle can be used and reused by both soccer players and soccer moms. They're crafted handsomely to keep golfers or tennis players stylish on the green or court. A promotional sports bottle looks awesome in a health lover's hand while working out and it does double duty, advertising your brand name at the gym. An everyday activity like walking the dog on a beautifully warm evening goes better with a tall, cool refreshment.

Sometimes we like to exercise with others; perhaps a leisurely hike with friends and family. It's great to get outdoors with people we enjoy being around and strengthening bonds and relationships. On a day hike, we might feel very comfortable and experienced, and go alone. It's better to have a buddy, but if you do head out by yourself, make sure to have a full water bottle in your backpack. The most important thing to have in your bag, however long the trail or high the altitude, is a filled water bottle.

Remember that proper hydration occurs when people drink water consistently throughout the day. Prepare for a good workout by sipping water or fluid from a water bottle for 24-48 hours prior to vigorous workout or athletic performance. With all the activities we're interested in, a promotional sports bottle is an excellent choice to represent your business. An imprinted steel sports bottle illustrates your long-term commitment to your customers' health and well-being.

All people, no matter their activity level, should regulate their fluid intake. Even people that work in offices should keep a water bottle handy. Every family should drink enough water ¨C men, women, and especially children. The elderly population needs to pay special attention to increase their fluids as oftentimes thirst diminishes with age.

Face paced executives may drive extravagant luxury cars, but they still need to fill up their own personal tank as well. ePromos offers a fine selection metal sports bottles. A stainless sports bottle is on the forefront of modern utility. They're sturdy, durable, and great for a lot of heavy use. A stainless water bottle is exceptionally graceful and they're the perfect companion for a long day of work and play.

Another metal sports bottle is the aluminum sports bottle ¨C it's almost identical to the steel sports bottle except that it's slightly more lightweight and cools more quickly. An aluminum sports bottle is unique in its lightness and makes a neat impression as a water bottle. It would be perfect to take to the water cooler and fill with fresh cold spring water. We at ePromos bring a new element of fashion and design to our products, including the promotional water bottle.

A plastic water bottle is great too because they're light-weight, durable, economical, and they have incredible design potential. The plastic sports bottle is extremely versatile and can be made from all kinds of cool clear, translucent, or opaque materials. It's not the plastic water bottle from the 80's; our plastic water bottles are conceived from the very latest in concept design and customization.

If you really want to stand out from the crowd, you might consider a collapsible water bottle. We engineer a flexible water bottle to fit easily in a jacket pocket, but it still has large volume capacity. You can put water in a collapsible water bottle and freeze it. It fits great into a lunch box for restaurant style ice cold water with your sandwich. A collapsible water bottle can be stored in small spaces like a car glove box or office desk for easy access refreshment.

These flexible water bottle options are so unique, you can be sure they'll be used often. A flexible water bottle is simply fun to use. A foldable water bottle is different and eyes will be drawn to it. Whether you find a traditional plastic sport bottle that suites your taste, or a fun and funky foldable water bottle, ePromos has the style you're looking for. Give a special and unique personalized water bottle to give the gift of health and vitality for years to come.

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