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Metal Key Rings,key tags,car key ring,promotiona key rings ,Chinese manufacturer.OEM welcome!

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Whistle with lanyard. Metal Key Ring,lanyard metal whistle,safety whistle

Introducing The Metal Key Ring! We are very proud to be be the manufacturer The Metal Key Ring. The Metal Key Ring is manufactured using the finest materials and our extremely high manufacturing standards that insure your super round tone. The nichel palted brass whistle will be working for you a long, long time.
Our company located in Ningbo, China. The one on the picture is the most economic brass copper. Especial good for promotion use. If you need professional brass whistles, we are also manufacturing! We also have iron whitle,pleastic whitle.

ball pens,ballpoint pens,promotional ball pens twist ball pens,plastic ball pens,ball pens ball pens,ballpoint pens,promotional ball pens twist ball pens,plastic ball pens,ball pens
flat plastic whistles
Flat Plastic Whisltes, flat plastic whistle
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Football Whistles
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Whistle Light keychain
whistle with light and comapss key chain
wistle with light and compass key chain

We are Chinese manufatuer of ball pens,palstic ball pens,metal ball pens,semi metal ball pens,multi color ball pens, , Quality assured. More pictures of our products see ball pens
THE WORLD IS FLAT, why not buy directly from China manufacturer?! We've supplied the scroll pen to several USA companies directly by sea, by air, and by DHL express door to door ! We also supplied the scroll pen to Europe, Afria, South America and so on. Till now, we've received zero customer complain about quality and delivery time! We treasure our business reputation.
See the scroll pens examples of companies already brought from us.
  • All Styles of Metal Key Rings

    Ideal For:
    •  Trade Shows
    •  New Product Roll-Outs
    •  Souvenir Item
    •  Writing
    •  Pharmaceutical
    •  Events & Concerts
    •  Technical Information
    •  Self Promotion
    •  Corporate
    •  Banking

    You Get:
    •  Fine Finished Metal Key Ring
    •  Logo Printed on lanyard
    •  Choice of verious color of layard
    •  Choice of silver or golden color of whistle
    •  Your customised logo stamped or engraved on whistle

    Catalogue Download:
  • Plastic Ball Pens Catalogue I
  • pen-46 - pen 59 - Pen 60 - Pen 61 - Pen 62 - Pen 63 - Pen 64
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  • Key Fob
  • Key
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