Medical Penlight, LED Aluminum Pen Lights

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LED aluminum penlight works great as an emergency light. Attach it to your pocket with the handy pocket clip when you're on the go. At just over 6 inches long and weighing just 1 ounce, this handy unit won't tug too hard on your pocket even when you're jogging down the hall. Powered by AAA alkaline batteries , the light burns for up to 60 hours. A tempered aircraft-aluminum body with anodized finish means years of reliable use.

A penlight is a small, pen-sized flashlight, usually containing two AA batteries or AAA batteries.

A number of different designs are common. In some an incandescent light bulb has an integral lens that focuses the light, thus no reflector is built into the penlight. Others, such as the well known Maglite brand use incandescent bulbs and standard reflectors, while LED bulbs are becoming increasingly common.

This new marketing tool can go by different names,LED pen light,aluminum penlight,pen-like medical LED light,but we are very proud to be be the sole manufacturer. The medical penlights is manufactured using the finest materials and our extremely high manufacturing standards that insure your pen will be working for you a long, long time. Your totally customized medical penlights not only imprint logo on barrel. It's a promotional item that people love to show off. And a guaranteed hit any any trade show, PLUS a medical penlights makes an ideal marketing tool for doctors.

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