Baby Scale_ YZ-303

Baby Scale_ YZ-303

The Weigh max Digital Baby Scale monitors the progress of your baby's physical development. It enables you to track your baby's growth by accurately measuring her weight and length.

BABY SCALE - As a new breastfeeding mom I worried whether my baby was getting enough to eat. Since we only see the doctor for a weight check every 8 weeks I wanted a way to be sure my baby was gaining correctly. This digital baby scale was the perfect solution. Once a week I could weigh my baby and keep a record of her weight gain. It really gave me peace of mind.

BABY GIFT - Are you looking for the perfect baby gift? The new mom in your life would love to have this amazing BABY SCALE to track her child's progress. This is the gift she will be thrilled to get. Order one today for your favorite new mom.

DIGITAL BABY SCALE - As a new mom I really like having a record of her growth each week. it gives me such peace of mind. I have a number of customers who also buy this scale to weigh their puppies and kittens.


• Weight is measured in pounds, ounces, or kilograms
• Measures baby's length with included tape measure
• Jumbo, easy-to-read LCD display
• One button operation
• Maximum weight capacity: 44 pounds/704 ounces/20 kilograms
• Requires four (4) AAA alkaline batteries (included)