AA Battery Mobile Phone Charger | Emergency Mobile Phone Charger


- Lightweight (main unit): 30g
- Compact & Portable
- LED Power Indicator
- To charger your mobilephone just by 1 AA Battery!
- Built-in Voltage Booster

Recommend for:
- In-flight
- Long Jouney (on train, on car...)
- On beach
- When sometimes A/C power is not readily available and you just want to go with light carriage


Safety Hammer
Spiral Memo Blocks


emergency mobile phone wcharger
AA battery emergency mobile phone charger

How it works:
1. Unscrew bottom and load a single AA battery into the charger.
2. Connect your phone-specific connector to the charger,
3. Connect your  phone to the connector and the charger will begin flashing.
4. Your phone indicates that it is charging.Now you can talk on or charge your phone wherever and whenever you want.
1. Designed for use with one primary cell.
2. Can be used with a rechargeable cell.
3. Charging current 310 mA maximum
4. Add up to 240mAh to devices battery per AA alkaline bettery.
5. Enable immediate usage of device even if battery is exhausted.
6. Typical efficency 88%.

mobile phone aa batery emergency charger
HSECHARGER-2: 1AA BATTERY, material: aluminium; size:72mm*21mm

mobile charger


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