Color-changing LED Faucet Lights

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led faucet lights
Temperature Sensing LED Faucet Lights,red faucet light,blue faucet light . Chinese manufacturer .

The faucet experience is so boring. Clear water, always the clear water. What if you could have a party in your faucet? Turn the water on, and the running water activates the LED Faucet Light, making the water look bright blue.

And now with the new Temperature Controlled Red LED Faucet Light, when the temperature reaches 89 degrees the light source will magically transform from Blue to Red. 

Now what does the new and improved Faucet Light really do for me?

Well, think of the new Red LED Faucet Light as a good warning sign for you or possibly your children.  Once the water becomes too warm (over 89 Degrees), the Red Faucet Light will be the latest beacon of child safety in your house.

Plus, like always, the LED Faucet Light looks so cool! 

You can also use the Faucet Light as an additional light source for doing sexy dishes or adding some pizzazz to the bathroom.

The Faucet Light  will impress all your family and friends.  It's a must have piece of unique home decor

color changing LED faucet lights

. LED Faucet Light Features:

  • Water pressure activation of the light source.
  • Light goes off when water is turned off.
  • Long lasting bright Blue and Red LEDs.
  • Fully enclosed battery pack included.
  • Universal adapter (included) fits most water faucets.
  • About 2.25" long.
  • Installs in less than a minute!

Fun and functional for a kid's bathroom, but even better to add excitement to your wet bar or kitchen sink when you throw a cocktail party!

New and Improved!  New Temperature Controlled Faucet Light changes color based upon the water temperature. It's "blue" when the water is cold or simply turned "on." When the temperature reaches 89 degrees F, it changes to "red," alerting you that the water is getting "hot"!

But wait, there's more! You get to choose between two different Faucets.

  • Blue LED - Always streams BLUE LED's
  • Chrome Blue/Red LED - Normally streams BLUE LED's until the water temperature hits 89 degrees after which the LEDs turn RED (now with a brushed chrome finish)!

Here's what you get with either version:

  • Chamber with LEDs
  • Batteries pre-installed plus a set of spare batteries (uses G13-A style watch batteries)
  • Instruction Sheet
  • Two universal adapters included. (fits most standard faucets in USA. Not recommended for faucets outside of the USA.)
  • Dimensions: 2.25" tall, 1.25" diameter.

LED Faucet Lights !

This new marketing tool can go by different names,faucet lights,Temperature controlled LED faucet light,Temperature controlled Combo faucet light, promotional LED faucet light,blue and red faucet light,but we are very proud to be be the sole manufacturer. The LED Faucet Lights is manufactured using the finest materials and our extremely high manufacturing standards that insure your pen will be working for you a long, long time. See pricing below.
Your totally customized LED Faucet Lights not only delivers a ton of information, impact and WOW. It's a promotional item that people love to show off. And a guaranteed hit any any trade show, PLUS a LED Faucet Lights makes an ideal marketing tool for kids!



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    MOQ: 100PCS;  
    Sampling lead time: 30 working days


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